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The only patients accepted for care in this office are those we sincerely believe we can help.  In order for this to occur, it is essential for both doctor and patient to be working toward the same goal and to agree upon the method.  Chiropractic has only one goal.  Understanding this goal in advance and the method used to attain it will prevent confusion or disappointment and will lend singleness or purpose to the recovery process.

The goal of chiropractic is to locate and reduce vertebral subluxations.  Vertebral subluxations are improperly positioned spinal bones which cause pressure to be placed upon spinal nerves, resulting in abnormal function of body cells, tissues, organs, and systems of the body.  The chiropractic adjustments and corresponding therapies is a series delivered over a time period of variable length.  Similar to the way in which lifting weights slowly builds muscles, spinal adjustments and their corresponding therapies slowly return subluxated vertebrae to normal positions.  These adjustments consist of gentle but firm forces, usually administered by hand to spinal structures.  Adjustments may occasionally cause momentary discomfort as muscles and ligaments are 'reprogrammed' during the early phases of care, but this sensationn is usually soon replaced by an overwhelming sense of relief and increased vitality.  As subluxations are reduced, nerve supply is restored and the innate healing power of the body begins the process of cell and tissue repair leading to improved body function and health.  In some patients the restoration and repair process occurs quicky and is complete, and in others it may be slow and partial.

We do not guareantee your rate of degree of improvement.  We do not diagnose a disease, nor do we offer advice regarding diagnoses or treatments made by other practitioners.  We locate and reduce vertebral subluxations in order to allow your nervous systems to function with less interference, thereby allowing your body to heal more effectively.

Since the method of chiropractic relies to a great deal upon repetitive regularity of spinal adjustments to attain optimal subluxation reduction, we hereby reserve the right to discharge any patieint who undermines efforts to attain that goal by exhibiting unwillingness or inability to keep appointments, or who otherwise fails to comply with policies of this office.  Chiropractic will work for you if you work with chiropractic.

I have read and fully unerstand teh preceding information and accept chiropractic care on that basis.


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